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Hi, I'm Tracy.

I am passionate about inspiring and teaching women life is worth fighting for, even when it gets messy.

And the only thing that will get us through it all is Jesus’ love. My career has taken me into the corporate world, volunteering for non for profits, and also being a stay at home mom. And now – I am passionate about taking my life’s experiences and telling other women how incredible God’s love is for us.


What others are saying…

"Tracy is a gifted speaker with a powerful story to share."
Jeanne Stevens

"Tracy uses her personal story and natural wit to invite people into truth."
Danielle Strickland

I am passionate about my family.

I am surrounded by boys in my life. (It might have been a prayer to God in high school from me and he probably laughed really loud knowing what was yet to be). I met my husband, Brian, on a blind date over 16 years ago and once we danced together – we knew we would be spinning through this life together forever. We have three boys. And our house is constantly filled with noise, sports jargon, balls flying through the air and smelly athletic gear. And we love every bit of it.

I am passionate about church.

Sunday is by far the BEST day of the week. It is the root, the grounding to my whole week. And yes, I am a sucker for an incredible worship song. And yes, I cry many Sundays through worship. Not because I am sad but because I am overflowing with happiness in what God has placed into my heart. He has awoken me to what GRACE, MERCY, LOVE, JOY truly is. The story of sending his son to die on a cross for my sins, your sins…to then rise three days later to show us how pure his love is for us. Man, there is not a greater LOVE story around…all woven with pure GRACE.

I am passionate about people and community.

I love meeting people and learning about them. What makes them tick. I am not a sit on the sidelines kinda of girl. I want to get my hands dirty and make this world a better place. This probably drives my family bananas – but I’ll talk to anyone, anywhere. The best place for this….an airport. Every walk of life. What an opportunity to get to know God’s beautiful creations!

I am passionate about living life to the fullest.

I believe EVERY single day is a gift from God. Even the tough days. I love to experience all kinds of things. I love to read. I love to travel. I love to cook. I LOVE to cook and have people eat with us at our table. I believe a good table filled with open ears and open hearts can change the world for the better, one bite at a time.

And I am passionate about connecting with you…

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